What’s the difference between VOIP and a landline?

More and more businesses are ditching traditional landlines for VOIP services – but what does that mean? VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which basically means you get your telecoms services through your computer.

Luke Mead from Caelum Communications, said: “In a nutshell, VoIP takes the audio from your voice and turns it into data which can then travel via your broadband to where it needs to go. Your phone is connected to your computer using a VoIP adapter, so you don’t need a traditional phone line any more.”

So what are the advantages of VoIP?

VoIP can provide all of the normal features you would expect with any telecoms provider, including voicemail, videoconferencing and it also allows you to manage all your services directly online.

Landlines can be higher quality in terms of sound, particularly when communicating with teams overseas. VoIP can sometimes be crackly or echoing as its converting audio into data, so this is a slight disadvantage to VoIP sometimes, but the technology is improving daily.

You do need to have a reliable internet service for VoIP to work and if the power goes off, you will lose your phone line as well as all computer-based services potentially. Many businesses keep a landline or a mobile as a back-up phone in case of any power issues.

VoIP inevitably works out cheaper than a traditional landline with its monthly line rental, plus call charges, particularly if you work internationally. With international calls VoIP is always cheaper and many VoIP providers will throw in extras like free calls to the US so it’s always worth checking what packages they can offer.

With landlines, you might get some offers as a business but you should always compare the two to make sure you get the best price but also the best service possible. If you decide to convert to VoIP you can usually keep your phone number and VoIP services often come with long and discounted contracts to try to keep you.

If you are looking to cut the costs of phone calls within your business then a VoIP service could well be the answer, particularly if you make a lot of international calls. You can rest assured that you will still have all of the traditional landline features such as voicemail and switching over is relatively simple, even keeping the same contact number.

However, you just need to bear in mind that sometimes the sound quality is not as good using a VoIP system so if this causes an issue for clients or for your business reputation then it may not be the right choice for you.

Also, if you are really reliant on your phone then bear in mind that any problems with your broadband or your power, will result in no phone lines being available, so it’s worth bearing that in mind in terms of planning your business continuity and in case of any major issues it could cause to your business and clients.

If you need any advice on VoIP services or want to discuss options for your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Caelum Communications on 03333660058.


Hiring FCA compliance firms


According to most of the experts, it is pretty much useless to open a start up in the United Kingdom if you’re not planing to hire a FCA compliance firm for it. It is said that without such a firm standing behind any start up that deals with financial transactions in any way, a start up just cannot survive the market and come out on top. Most of these start ups just break up; and in order not to let that happen to your start up, you must hire a FCA compliance firm.

Now, this is clear, without a good FCA compliance firm (more info: http://pragmaticcompliance.co.uk/), a start up firm is going to go bust, no matter how good it is with its dealings. However, there is also another reason why people ought to hire a FCA compliance firm, and that has to do with the fact that every firm in the United Kingdom that wishes to do any kind of work that involves financial transactions, needs to be authorised, and the only types of companies that can do that are the FCA compliance firms. So, basically, you just can’t do any business in the UK without such a company behind you.

The process of authorisation is rather simple, and you just have to apply for it. There is no need to attach any legal documentation for that process, but you do need to have it by your side at all times in case an inspection occurs. However, what you do need to attach is the step by step program of how you and your firm plan to protect your financial dealings. Then, the application takes about one month to be approved, but keep in mind that there also might be a delay of up to six months in case something goes wrong, or in case the FCA compliance firm decides that some of your protection programs do have some faults. If such a thing was to occur, the people of the compliance firm would work by your side in order to help you ought and make it possible for your firm to get the best possible financial protection plan. Only when everything is in perfect order will you be able to get your authorisation, and can start working financial transaction-related business in the United Kingdom.

But, there is so much more to a FCA compliance firm than just issuing authorisations to firms that wish to deal with financial transactions. Of course, this authorisation is the most important thing it could issue, because it is a guarantee that your firm is completely safe and that people should use it. But, a compliance firm also offers other forms of help, such as various check ups. This is really important in order to make sure that your firm is always on its A game, and that it never lets itself go. Also, these types of companies offer consultations and assistance to their client firms, meaning that if you ever encounter a hiccup, you know whom to turn to.


Wine Investment Coaching: Purchasing and Selling


Certainly, the group of people who can afford to collect and invest fine wines are the wealthy elite. Why? Because the cost of this is very high and its taxes are very hefty depending on the type of wine and its strength. If you’re beginning to educate yourself about investing but realise wine investments are not for you. Build in brand authority and infrastructure could help you a ton in the early stages.

There are two processes involved in wine investment.

  1. Purchasing

This is the initial thing to do in this venture. Of course, you need to choose which wine to buy. You make sure that you have done your research or stick around with the experts advices. There are variety of wines to choose from. Typically, a wine investment is sold by sets—3, 6, 9, 12 or sometimes 13. Always remember that in the process of purchasing, there could be lots of risks including wine frauds in the market. Some wine brokers sell the fake one because beginners are easily tricked which is why for starters, it is best that they buy specific wine cases themselves and need a consultant to minimize the risk. Picking the right wine merchant is one difficult task to do. However, there is another option. Today, you can buy shares in an investment wine fund. This would let the investor’s capital to pool.

  1. Reselling

Next thing after the purchase is to resell the wine. Now, this process would take you time unless you can scout people who would buy your goods. Plus, if you have the correct and wise marketing strategies, then the task of selling your fine wines is just a piece of cake for you. Never feel frustrated if you cannot gain profit fast enough. Instead of investing wines for revenue, you need to invest for pleasure. Experts have said that if you invest just for money-making, then it would give you so much stress.

The wines to invest for

At this present day and age, there are over ten thousands of wine producers across the globe where you can find wines. However, out from this number, you can only find only 250-300 of these producers who manufacture premium wines. Take note, this is a financial investment (more info: http://www.twelve-by-seventy-five.com/) so there is a need for you to choose the best ones. If you cannot sell it, at least you have some rewarding bottles to drink.

Do you know that 90% of the world’s investment grade is produced in Bordeaux? This place is a region of France which is popularly known to produce only fine wines. Even before, this region has become the main target not just of investors but also the target of wine swindlers. However, because of the increasing trend of wine in the market, there are global sections of wine who rose above the investor market. You can research them for further reference.

The best-selling wines are mostly vintage ones that come from the best vineyards. They normally sell for a thousands of dollar per bottle. So, be sure to ensure the proper storage for the wines to avoid its deterioration,


To guide investors whether experienced or inexperienced to wine investment, there are so many authorities and publishing companies who publish independent guides for everyone to give solutions to their doubts, uncertainties and further questions about this type of investment.




The Top 3 Print Companies in UK for your Estate Agency Leaflets


Leaflets are undeniably one of the most popular marketing strategy for decades now. They are very vital in promoting a company or boosting the sales through print advertisement. Due to the advent of technology, you can now create and design your own leaflet layout. But, if you do not have time or the guts to make your own, then there are so many companies that offer their services to support your needs.

Now, in choosing the company to start the job, you should ensure that you choose the best one. Choose the best business for form design london Outre Creative. They offer a wide range of services you should consider. Do not let your money go to waste by picking the wrong ones. Thus, if you are planning to print out massive estate agency leaflets to improve your marketing strategies, then you need to be sure about the print company you are going to trust. As to the present day and age, there are over thousands of print companies who offer you printing services. To help you narrow down your search, this article brings you the top 5 print companies you can rely on.

Estate Agent Leaflets

This company offers you a wide range of printing services not just for leaflets. Estate Agent Leaflets is one of the best print companies that offer affordable and quality business cards, leaflets and letterheads and many more. They constantly monitor the standard UK prices for everything to ensure that the quality and price becomes competitive for all the consumers and competitors out there. They have other different offers to suit your preference. Always remember that they have a good printing and graphic team to provide assistance to your estate agency leaflet needs. An estate agent in Leytonstone employed leaflet distribution and received a fantastic return. Follow in their foot steps for brilliant results!

Vista print

This company offers nothing but premium leaflet printing services for your estate agency. You can get the best valuable design with a flat rate delivery in a great price. You can check out the details and pricing for every preference and selection you make. Vista print gives their customers the opportunity to customize their designs and layout so that the leaflet will really match the needs of their customers. You can brose designs, include your logos and edit the layout yourself. In addition to this, you can choose the size of the paper. They offer leaflets with sizes that range from A7, A6, A5, DL, A4 and A3 sizes. They have packages and fixed prices for every volume of leaflet you desire. Vista Print is a company where you can do excellent business with.


Ravensworth is one of the names you can trust when it comes to excellent printing work. They bring you a selection of well-designed templates, paper quality, variety of paper sizes and volume packages for your estate agency leaflets. Their team is very helpful and accommodating. Even though you only have small volumes of leafltets to order, the kind of customer service they give is still the same. Ravensworth has this reputation to finish customer’s orders in the exact time agreed upon.

These 3 are just some of the many companies you can rely on in UK. There are still more companies out there that gives you the superior estate targeting and market research solutions for your company. Browse and research online for more options and read the customer’s review for further reference.

If you’re new and just starting out in business, you’ll need a great logo to compliment your leaflets. We highly recommend checking out this brilliant infographic on, ‘The Worlds Best Logos’ for some inspiration.


The 6 Widely-Used Content Packaging Machines


In the industrial or manufacturing business, one of the most important considerations is, how to package your product. Without doing this, then you will fail in the production and distribution of your products. Packaging, has become an art of enclosing and protecting the goods and commodities of manufacturers as they are distributed and transported to make the items available from one store to another.

To date, there have been so many advancement of technology that paved the way for the development of content packaging machines. These machineries functions more than just for protection and transportation. It also involves the process of labelling so that the people will know what is inside the package and overall package designing to attract the customers or consumers.

There is a wide array and variety of content packaging machineries that includes box erectors, filling machines, labelling equipment, capping machines, bottling equipment, flexible packaging systems, shrink wrap machines.  There are also important packaging machineries used to complete packaging lines for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage industries.

Let us just touch some of these types so that you will have a bit of information about this topic. Here are the following content packaging machines which are generally used in the manufacturing processes:

  1. Flexible Packaging system

This packaging machine is responsible in producing soft characteristic packages like bags, pouches and drink cartons. In addition to this, it also encompasses the production of type of containers which is collapsible. Flexible Packaging system has different types– Vertical Form Fill and Seal, Horizontal flow wrappers and horizontal pouch machines.


  1. Slat Counters

This type of packaging machine is used in the high-speed production rates of the manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical industry. Its main task is to count tablets being filled in the medicinal bottles.


  1. Speciality Packaging Equipment

What makes this machine special? Well, this type of packaging system processes special products under chemical, cosmetic, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical health industries. The products under those sectors mentioned need proper and soft handling that is why it is called Specialty Packaging Equipment.


  1. Case Packers

Case Packers are machines are very useful in the secondary packaging. Secondary packaging means packing the already packed products and manufactured goods for delivery and transportation. This is also referred to as automatic packing machines because they automatically pack goods in boxes. They make use of boxes like cartons in its application. Bottles, cans, appliances, shoes are few of the many commodities it packs.


  1. Sleeve Wrappers and Bundlers

This machines apply to those products which could not be catered by case packers. Sleeve Wrappers and Bundlers are the equipment responsible in packing bundled goods for shipment. One good example where this type is used is the water bottling. How do water bottles packed? This machine wraps the water bottles in plastic and then sealed, afterwards, it is shrunk in a heat tunnel making it packed together for efficient distribution and transportation.


  1. Filling machines

The main function of this machine is to fill packages with accuracy. It involves filling liquids and powder. There are several types of this filling equipment and they have their specific technical functions. Its basic three types are Net Weight Fillers, Auger Filling machines, and volumetric fillers.