An Overview of the Changes in the Ofsted Inspection Handbook Last 2015


Ofsted or Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills is known as a non-ministerial sector of the government of UK. It reports to parliament through the Department of Education. The office is the one carrying out all regular inspections of schools across England, where a published evaluation will show the effectiveness of each school. There are times when adverse reports include some recommendations on further intervention when it comes to running a certain school. With the regular inspection, most schools are always making sure that they are always prepared to prove their effectiveness in teaching and taking care of children. Most of the requirements that schools must meet are readily available in the Ofsted inspection handbook.

In 2015, there were changes made with the Ofsted inspection handbook. Changes were done in different sections, which means that schools have to oblige with the changes for them to pass the inspection. To get an overview of the changes in the handbook for 2015, we worked with Forum Business Media to put together the following  highlights of changes in each section of the handbook or inspection process:

Main Changes

  • There are now separate handbooks with the four remits, namely EYFS, post-16, schools and non-association independent schools.
  • Assessment and learning are now included in teaching.
  • Welfare and personal development are now included in behavior.
  • The term achievement before is now called “outcomes”
  • There is now new specific focus when teaching maths and literacy and how well the way of teaching enables the pupils in grasping concepts and deepen the understanding of the concepts.
  • Ofsted will no longer expect particular style of teaching, planning, or assessment. Recommendations should also be phrased to avoid adding it to the workload of teachers.

Some Changes in Specific Sections of the Ofsted Inspection Handbook


The inspectors will consider how well each school’s leaders do the following:

  • Demonstration of ambitious vision from what children will learn from the institution.
  • Improvements in the way staff, practice, teach, learn, and assess through the difficult performance management.
  • Evaluation of quality of provisions and outcomes.

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Inspectors will be considering to the extent of:

  • The expectation of teachers with what each student can attain, which includes the most disadvantaged and most able.
  • The secure understanding of teachers over the age group they are handling.
  • The information with assessment will be gathered based from what pupils learned, understood, and could do.

Personal development, Welfare, and Behavior

Judgments behavior and welfare and personal development will all be separated. Whenever there are differences with the judgments, the lower of these two is where the overall judgment will be determined.

Outcomes for Pupils

Inspectors will taking account of all current progress and standards, which already includes the data of the school and base the judgment on both academic and any other outcomes of pupils. Ensure DBS checks are in place through companies such as Clear Check or CRB Direct, you can apply for your CRB here. They handle DBS and background checks for the likes of Teachers and people working with children.

Aside from these changes, there are other sections of the Ofsted Inspection handbook that were changed and school leaders at Cognita should know. Though the changes were given in 2015, inspectors are expecting that schools can already meet all the changes for this year’s inspection.



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