The 6 Widely-Used Content Packaging Machines


In the industrial or manufacturing business, one of the most important considerations is, how to package your product. Without doing this, then you will fail in the production and distribution of your products. Packaging, has become an art of enclosing and protecting the goods and commodities of manufacturers as they are distributed and transported to make the items available from one store to another.

To date, there have been so many advancement of technology that paved the way for the development of content packaging machines. These machineries functions more than just for protection and transportation. It also involves the process of labelling so that the people will know what is inside the package and overall package designing to attract the customers or consumers.

There is a wide array and variety of content packaging machineries that includes box erectors, filling machines, labelling equipment, capping machines, bottling equipment, flexible packaging systems, shrink wrap machines.  There are also important packaging machineries used to complete packaging lines for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage industries.

Let us just touch some of these types so that you will have a bit of information about this topic. Here are the following content packaging machines which are generally used in the manufacturing processes:

  1. Flexible Packaging system

This packaging machine is responsible in producing soft characteristic packages like bags, pouches and drink cartons. In addition to this, it also encompasses the production of type of containers which is collapsible. Flexible Packaging system has different types– Vertical Form Fill and Seal, Horizontal flow wrappers and horizontal pouch machines.


  1. Slat Counters

This type of packaging machine is used in the high-speed production rates of the manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical industry. Its main task is to count tablets being filled in the medicinal bottles.


  1. Speciality Packaging Equipment

What makes this machine special? Well, this type of packaging system processes special products under chemical, cosmetic, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical health industries. The products under those sectors mentioned need proper and soft handling that is why it is called Specialty Packaging Equipment.


  1. Case Packers

Case Packers are machines are very useful in the secondary packaging. Secondary packaging means packing the already packed products and manufactured goods for delivery and transportation. This is also referred to as automatic packing machines because they automatically pack goods in boxes. They make use of boxes like cartons in its application. Bottles, cans, appliances, shoes are few of the many commodities it packs.


  1. Sleeve Wrappers and Bundlers

This machines apply to those products which could not be catered by case packers. Sleeve Wrappers and Bundlers are the equipment responsible in packing bundled goods for shipment. One good example where this type is used is the water bottling. How do water bottles packed? This machine wraps the water bottles in plastic and then sealed, afterwards, it is shrunk in a heat tunnel making it packed together for efficient distribution and transportation.


  1. Filling machines

The main function of this machine is to fill packages with accuracy. It involves filling liquids and powder. There are several types of this filling equipment and they have their specific technical functions. Its basic three types are Net Weight Fillers, Auger Filling machines, and volumetric fillers.


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