Wine Investment Coaching: Purchasing and Selling


Certainly, the group of people who can afford to collect and invest fine wines are the wealthy elite. Why? Because the cost of this is very high and its taxes are very hefty depending on the type of wine and its strength. If you’re beginning to educate yourself about investing but realise wine investments are not for you. Build in brand authority and infrastructure could help you a ton in the early stages.

There are two processes involved in wine investment.

  1. Purchasing

This is the initial thing to do in this venture. Of course, you need to choose which wine to buy. You make sure that you have done your research or stick around with the experts advices. There are variety of wines to choose from. Typically, a wine investment is sold by sets—3, 6, 9, 12 or sometimes 13. Always remember that in the process of purchasing, there could be lots of risks including wine frauds in the market. Some wine brokers sell the fake one because beginners are easily tricked which is why for starters, it is best that they buy specific wine cases themselves and need a consultant to minimize the risk. Picking the right wine merchant is one difficult task to do. However, there is another option. Today, you can buy shares in an investment wine fund. This would let the investor’s capital to pool.

  1. Reselling

Next thing after the purchase is to resell the wine. Now, this process would take you time unless you can scout people who would buy your goods. Plus, if you have the correct and wise marketing strategies, then the task of selling your fine wines is just a piece of cake for you. Never feel frustrated if you cannot gain profit fast enough. Instead of investing wines for revenue, you need to invest for pleasure. Experts have said that if you invest just for money-making, then it would give you so much stress.

The wines to invest for

At this present day and age, there are over ten thousands of wine producers across the globe where you can find wines. However, out from this number, you can only find only 250-300 of these producers who manufacture premium wines. Take note, this is a financial investment (more info: so there is a need for you to choose the best ones. If you cannot sell it, at least you have some rewarding bottles to drink.

Do you know that 90% of the world’s investment grade is produced in Bordeaux? This place is a region of France which is popularly known to produce only fine wines. Even before, this region has become the main target not just of investors but also the target of wine swindlers. However, because of the increasing trend of wine in the market, there are global sections of wine who rose above the investor market. You can research them for further reference.

The best-selling wines are mostly vintage ones that come from the best vineyards. They normally sell for a thousands of dollar per bottle. So, be sure to ensure the proper storage for the wines to avoid its deterioration,


To guide investors whether experienced or inexperienced to wine investment, there are so many authorities and publishing companies who publish independent guides for everyone to give solutions to their doubts, uncertainties and further questions about this type of investment.




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